Keeping leading zeros in imported data (one digit month as 05)



I am importing a csv into Excel. I need to retain leading zeros that occur
in a MMDD format. So that May 5th appears 0505 on csv but when imported it
appears 505. How can I do that easily?

Peo Sjoblom

Rename the file to your_name.txt and the text import wizard will open, in
step 3 you can select text under column data, that will keep leading zeros.
You can also open the csv file doing data>import external data>import data
then in the file name type *.*, then find your csv file and open it, that
will also trigger the text import wizard



Peo Sjoblom

Dave Peterson

You could format the cell after you bring in your data
(Format|cells|Number tab|Custom category: 0000)

Or you could rename your .csv file to .txt. Then when you do file|open, you'll
get the text import wizard and you can tell excel to treat this field as text.

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