Openig CSV file format with Excel in Office 2007



Office 2007 has just been installed
at the office, replacing Office 97.

The new Excel does not open existing
CSV files in the organisation, the same way
the Excel in Office 97 did before!

Each text line of CSV file is not anymore
parsed into differents spreadsheet cells
according to the coma (",") caracter. All the
text line is put into the first cell of the row...

As the new Excel's Help proposal, I reconfigure
the "list separator" caracter in the PC control
panel "Regional and Language Options", but
with no changes when opening CSV files...

I anyone know where to configure defaults
opening values for CSV file, or is not anymore
supported by latests Excel versions?





Hi. I don't know how to slove your problem, but I do use CS files on 2007,
and the cells work out fine.
Must be a setting somewhere, sorry I cant tell you :( g.

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