CSV File Opening Conversion Issue



I have a user that when they try to open a CSV file from the desktop or any
other location the file does not open correctly. When the file is opened on
other machines using Excel it opens correctly.

What seems to be happening is in column A we are getting the first 14
characters of the line and in column B we are getting the next 10 characters
and in column C we are getting the rest of the line. The system is not
parsing the record out because we are still seeing the quotes and commas in
the columns.

When we run the text to columns wizard on column C it parses out the record

I am not sure what the issue could be that is opening the file in a "fixed
with" method ... because this is happening it seems on all CSV files.

The user tried to reinstall Excel and I personally did a repair on Excel and
the issue is still present.

Any ideas?





Try to check if in Windows Control panel/International settings/Custom
settings List separator are set different than on the other machines!

„David†ezt írta:

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