Disable Desktop docked folder bar.


Sin Jeong-hun

As like many users, my recycle bin is at the corner of the desktop
screen. I often use drag and drops to delete folders. You know, drag
the folder and drop it on the recycle bin. The problem is that
sometimes I slightly drop it too close to the corner and the folder
becomes a docked folder bar instead of being deleted. I have to right
click it and choose close. I've been using Windows for about 10 years
but I've never used the desktop docked folder feature. Can't I just
disable it in order to prevent accidental creations of docked folders?
Thank you.

Wesley Vogel

Lock the Taskbar. You cannot drag anything to the Taskbar or Quick Launch
if the Taskbar is locked.

Right click Taskbar and click on Lock the Taskbar. You also cannot drag any
folders to the Taskbar if Quick Launch is turned off.

Move your Recycle Bin.

Mine is three icons up from the bottom on the left hand side of my Desktop.

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User


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