Disable Adobe save file prompt



Using full Adobe Acrobat Standard (not Distiller) 7.0 with Excel

Have over 2,000 pdf's to generate every month.

Process runs on three separate computers fetching data across
SQL server simultaneously.

After Excel spreadsheet is opened, current VBA code
A) connects to SQL Server and returns data based on ID of office.
B) Populates cells within four tabs on spreadsheet with
data specific to that office.
C) Output data to ind.pdf file on shared drive for others to access.
D) Fetch next office's data on SQL server.
E) process begins again until all 2,000 pdf's are created.

Each PC is assigned to generate different sets of
offices so there's no file writing conflict.

For some reason, the code bombs out and the selection to
output in PDF is lost, output is sent to default printer instead.

Used the Application.Activeprinter code posted in this group
making sure the printer is set back to Adobe Acrobat before
printing begins for each set of office data fetched.

On my own computer the first time I selected Adobe Acrobat as
the print device for this spreadsheet, and set save-file-to the
shared drive (and some other settings), the settings
were somehow hard coded into Excel, so Excel knows
when I select Adobe Acrobat, PDF's go to the shared drive.
Never had to uncheck the boxes about fonts, etc
or tell Adobe where to save the files

However, the other two computers -
used mostly for processes like
this and have no one working on them in between,
always prompt for saving the file once the code begins
to write out the PDF file,
(and some other check box's
like fonts have to be clicked again).
All computers are running Excel 2000 on Windows XP sp2.

VBA code, of course sets the directory and pdf file name,
after the data is fetched,
but the other two computers generate the Adobe prompt
when the code starts to output PDF file.

Is there any way to either disable the Adobe pop up,
or use code to tell Adobe what settings we need without
the popup?

Adobe SDK group was not helpful and sources
like PlanetPDF are absolutely worthless.



Barb Reinhardt

I'm not clear on what the "pop up" does. Without knowing, I might suggest
putting this before and after the save and see what it does

Application.DisplayAlerts = FALSE 'before
Application.DisplayAlerts = TRUE 'after

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