Print to PDF using Adobe Acrobat 6.0



Hi All

I am trying to automate the printing of PDF files from Excel - I have
found a lot of posts on this topic and none seem to answer my problems
on how to do this and I am running into a bunch of problems - here is
what I am usnig and I what I have so far:

Excel 2003
Adobe Reader and Distiller 6.0

I understand that you have to create a postscript file first and then
using distiller create the pdf file

I am having problems doing both:

HEre is the code I am using (modified from another post I found)

' Define the postscript and .pdf file names.
Dim PSFileName As String
Dim PDFFileName As String

PSFileName = "C:\Test.PS"
PDFFileName = "C:\Test.PDF"

'Print the Excel range to the postscript file
Dim MySheet As Worksheet
Set MySheet = ActiveSheet
MySheet.PrintOut copies:=1, preview:=False, ActivePrinter:="Adobe
PDF", printtofile:=True, collate:=True, prtofilename:=PSFileName

' Convert the postscript file to .pdf
Dim myPDF As PdfDistiller
Set myPDF = New PdfDistiller
myPDF.FileToPDF PSFileName, PDFFileName, ""

When I try to create the ps file I get an error in my Print Cue and
wont print anything - in the print cue it says it is trying to print
to Port 'MyDocuments\*.pdf;

Is 'Adobe PDF' the Adobe PostScript print drive I am supposed to be
Is there something in my Adobe settings that might be causing the

Next I have a PostScript file (taken from an Adobe Sample) that I was
trying to use the last half of my code to use the distiller to create
a PDF - here I am getting this error:

Run-Time Error '429'
ActiveX component can't create object

I have a reference to Adobe Distiller in my VBA project so I am not
sure what is causing this error.

So in a nutshell my problem is twofold - I cant create a postscript
file and I cant create a PDF from a PostScript file

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated - if you need any more
details please let me know




Hi Jeff,
The "Adobe PDF" refers to the "PDFWriter" not distiller. The .ps file extension should trigger distiller.

MySheet.PrintOut copies:=1, preview:=False, ActivePrinter:="Adobe PDF", printtofile:=True, collate:=True, prtofilename:=PSFileName
Should be...
MySheet.PrintOut copies:=1, preview:=False, ActivePrinter:=False, printtofile:=True, collate:=True, prtofilename:=PSFileName



Hi Jon

Thanks for the reply

It is still not working - I am still getting the same error when
trying to create the PostScript file.

When I change the ActivePrinter:=False it picks up whatever the last
printer used was and if it was Adobe PDF I get the same error as
before as it is tring to create the PDF file - if it was a network
printer I get a Print Error as it is attempting to print to the
network printer.

It is not attempting to use distiller at all

Any other thoughts or suggestions is very much appreciated



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