DirectX 9.0 and AGP Texture Acceleration



I have an Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller. When I run the
DirectX Diag Tool, it says AGP Texture Acceleration "Not Available"

Intel says that they no longer report memory to AGP, but to local memory.
They say the total memory is the same and games should play better with this

Unfortunately, my Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault game doesn't agree. It
says: Your video card does not fully support DirectX 8.1. I went to their
website and it says the game won't run unless AGP Texture Acceleration is

Any ideas?

Yves Leclerc

You best bet to to see if your motherbaord can be told to turn off the
graphic controller and to install a separate video card based on ATi Raedon
or nVidia graphics chips. These two are the leading video card chips that
most games are developed for.

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