DirectX: DirectDraw, Direct-3D, AGP acceleration "not availible"




I need someone that really knows a lot about DirectDraw, Direct-3D and AGP
acceleration. Please don't think i didn't search for an answer before posting
a question here. Because I did, the whole google, i think.

since few month i have symptoms:
My DirectDraw, Direct-3D and AGP acceleration are not availible (according
to dxdiag);
most 3D applications won't work, saying: Hardware acceleration not availible;
newest video codecs don't work properly: there is no smoothing (everything
in squares)
system information utilities (Everest) showing max AGP speed 4x while it was
8x earlier.

Possible reason: while installing a free, poor-quality software for watching
TV video-streams on the internet, the screen was flickering during the
installation. After that i noticed the sympthoms. It also may be caused by
one of a few remote desktop applications that i was testing some time ago.

Tried solutions:
Almost everything says;
disabling / re-enabling: video-device, hardware acceleration, combined
uninstalling / re-installing / updating: video-codecs, remote-desktop
software, DirectX, ATI video card drivers, Intel chipset drivers;
Increasing virtual memory;
searching WIN.INI, BIOS and system registry for related options.

i heard something about that directdraw could be "redirected??", found
nothing related. Is there may be a hotfix? registry change? or something.. I
WOULD BE GREATLY THANKFUL if someone could help me!

sys: AcerTM 8005LMi laptop, Centrino 1.8ghz, 512mb, ATI Radeon 9700 mobile
128mb 8xAGP, Intel 855GME Chipset, XP-pro sp2, DX9c june2007.


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