Directory Services Error



I am in the process of upgrading my servers from 2OOO sp3
to sp4. Last week I upgraded two DC and a member server
and have one DC to upgrade. This morning on the two
updated DC I recieved the error

Event ID 1168
Source NTDS database

The description for Event ID ( 1168 ) in Source ( NTDS
Database ) cannot be found. The local computer may not
have the necessary registry information or message DLL
files to display messages from a remote computer. The
following information is part of the event: 8430, 20ee,

I have found this error under KB 827531 which says that it
can occur at random with sp4. I am not sure what utility
to use to check that this is not a corrupted NTDS.dit
database. Should I be using NTDSutil to check the
database, or should I be using a different tool.

Many Thanks

Matjaz Ladava [MVP]

Yes. I have seen this problems with some systems. Just boot your server in
DSRM mode and use ntdsutil to check your AD database. After that you should
be fine.


Matjaz Ladava, MCSE (NT4 & 2000), Windows MVP
(e-mail address removed)

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