Event 1168 NTDS Error ???



Has anyone come across the following event log on W2000
before ??

Event ID 1168:
Error 8430(20ee) has occurred (Internal ID 20612ee).
Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services for

The server is a DC / PDC fsmo (sp4) and also runs Exchange
2000 sp3

Thanks in advance

Cary Shultz [A.D. MVP]


Should have mentioned that the fix is to call MS PSS at no charge to you.
Just click on the link that is in the middle of the MSKB Article and that
will take you to another page where you have to click on what applies to
you. You will then be brought to a page with the phone number on it.
Simply call them and mention this MSKB Article and let them know that you
have that particular issue and that you need the hotfix for it. They will
either e-mail you directly the fix or send you one step farther down the
line and that person will e-mail you the hotfix.

Just make sure to give them a valid e-mail address and have some sort of
zip/unzip utility as the Hotfixes are typically zipped and password
protected ( don't worry, the e-mail contains the password for the currect
'cycle and the password for the next 'cycle' ).



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