Direct Access to TCP/IP Properties


Bob Simon

As a network engineer, I use my laptop to troubleshoot problems on a
variety of public and private LANs every day. Since DHCP is only
deployed on half of these, I frequently have to manually change my IP
address. (XP was a major step forward in efficiency for me because it
does not require rebooting after changing addresses.)

As you might expect, I have a shortcut to Local Area Connection Status
on my desktop. To change addresses, I double click this icon, click
Properties, double click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and key in an
appropriate address or toggle "Obtain an IP address automatically".
Is there a more direct way for me to bring up this window or to
manually set the address some other way?



Chris Crall [MSFT]

Take a look at the netsh command. With the interface option you should be
able to set all the TCP/IP info directly.


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