Digital Image Suite and Vista



I have been using DIS since it came out and yesterday bought a new computer
with the Vista system on it. My DIS editor was constantly shutting down on
me saying there was an error of some kind and they will contact me if there
is anything i can do to fix it (standard message it seems) - it tells me it
has to close down because the program stopped.

I found a download on the ms website today that is supposed to help the
Vista system use DIS but guess what? same problem! I can't even add a plug in
or it shuts down right away. Does anyone know if there is another rfix i
dont know about???

I bought the new computer SPECIFICALLY to use this program (lots of memory
now) and its worse instead of better!!!

Please help in any way you there a newsgroup just for DIS users? I
searched everywhere for a forum related and this was all I could find.

Thanks for your time...





you need to provide the full version info of the program because some of the
version of it have compatibility problems with Vista.

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