Different headers, same footers on multiple worksheets



I have a workbook with 12 different worksheets, each with a different header.
I want the same footer on each worksheet. When I select all sheets and
apply the footer, it causes all of the headers to be changed to exactly the
same thing. Is there a way for me to put the same footer on each worksheet
without clicking each one individually, but still keeping the original
(different) headers?



Bob I

Apply the Footer to the group first, THEN put in the individual headers.
Otherwise you will need to put them in one at a time.



Gord Dibben

Grouped sheets will take on all the print settings of the active sheet.

As you have already found out<g>

You will have to assign the unique headers one at a time after setting the
footer on the grouped sheets.

You could use a macro to set the unique headers.

If you describe where the header info for each sheet comes from someone could
run something up.

i.e. a particular cell on each sheet or a list of headers on one sheet.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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