How do I make a single header/footer common across all worksheets?



I have 15 worksheets in a file, and each needs the same header & footer. I
have tried control-clicking to highlight each tab & then "Page Setup" to
change the header/footer, but only get the first worksheet clicked to 'take'
the header/footer. Is there some way to do a mass change to avoid tediously
clicking into & copy-pasting the information into individual worksheets?




What version of Excel are you using?

The way you've described performing the operation should work. I do it all
the time in Excel 2000, 2002 and 2003. Another way to choose all of the
sheets at once is to select the one at one "end" of the group and then go to
the other end of the group and [Shift]+click it and those two sheets and all
between should be chosen and you should be able to make global header/footer
changes to them.

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