Headers & Footers in Excel



I have an excel document with about 15 worksheets for which I want the same
headers & footers on each. Can I repeat them without have to set up




Assuming you have set up the header and foooter in one of the sheets,
then select that sheet and hold the CTRL key down while you click on
the other sheets that you want this to apply to - this action "groups"
the sheets together, so that any change to one of them will also apply
to all of the others. Then click on File | Page Setup | Header&Footer
tab and click Custom Header as if to edit it, and similar with Custom
Footer - this will cause the same header and footer to be applied to
the other grouped sheets. If you don't have a header and footer
already defined, then any action you take here will apply to all the
grouped sheets.

When you are finished ensure that you Ungroup the sheets - right-click
on a sheet tab to do this.

Hope this helps.


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