Dial up Modem error 680



Intel 536ep V92 modem
Windows XP pro

I have used broadband exclusively for 2 years now. Unfortunately I
need to use my long disused dial-up modem to log-on to another ISP.
Unfortunately the modem no longer seems to dial, throwing up error 680.
I am fed up with troubleshooting it, uninstalling and reinstalling the

I have verified dial tone pass-trough to a phone connected to the phone
socket on the modem

The modem checks out okay in device manager and responds to AT commands
in hyperterminal

I have changed telephone cables

There is no voicemail on this phone line

I have updated the modem driver

I have checked my regional settings

I have disabled ring tone detection

The modem recognises when the the phone is engaged but conversely does
not seem to recognise when a dial tone is available

Help!! Any idea's

I can dial the ISP using the phone plugged into the modem and can hear
the ISP trying to handshake. As I only want to log on to this ISP once
or twice can I dial its number using the phone (as I can) and then
input the userid and password. If so, how do I input the userid and




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