Dial Up connection attempts when connected to Lan



Have a laptop with two Network connections configured - Company LAN & Dialup
- XP SP2

Dialup is not the default network connection

When Laptop is connected to company LAN, yet when Internet Explorer is
opened, dialup attempts to connect - cancelling the attempt results in IE
connecting using the company LAN connection - DHCP

All attempts to correct this by changing the settings in the Dial up
configuration have produced no results

Any suggestions as to how to stop dial up from attempting connection?

Jan Il

Hi Danny :)

Try the following and see if it helps:

Disable Proxy Settings
Tools>Internet Options> Connections tab> LAN Settings button
Under Proxy server, make sure the box there is UNchecked
Be sure to have the Automatically detect settings are Checked


Scroll down to My dialup settings keep changing from 'never dial' to 'always
dial' or vise versa

Hope this helps.

Jan :)
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