Situation: Cisco routers with VLANS. 2 subnets and
Using Windows 2000 AD with Windows 2000 DHCP server. 1
superscope with 2 subnets.

I've discovered that once the 192.168.100.x subnet uses
all IP addresses, it starts issuing the 192.168.101.x ip
addresses to my 192.168.100.x clients.

Any suggestions???

Marc Reynolds [MSFT]


The problem is that you have created a superscope and you do not need one.
Break the superscope and as long as your VLAN router is correctly
configured for bootp relay, everything will work just fine.
Superscopes are designed to work exactly as you are seeing, multiple subnet
addresses are pooled together into a "superscope" a client could receive
any address out of this superscope.

Marc Reynolds
Microsoft Technical Support

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