DHCP Superscope Handing Out Incorrect Address to Client



Here is the scenario:
I have a single windows 2000 server running DHCP. A superscope was
created some time ago. All of our IP addresses are assigned to specific
workstations by mac address. Occasionally a workstation will have a mac
address entered under multiple network ranges within the superscope.
When the workstation powers on it receives a DHCP lease from the lowest
IP address in the superscope regardless of what VLAN or network it is
attached to from the switch side.

For example our superscope encompasses networks ranged from
to In the scope for (VLAN 10) an IP
address of is assigned to a specific MAC address. That
same MAC address also has a reservation for an IP address of in scope (VLAN 20). It is connected on the
switch to VLAN 20 but it still receives the IP address from the scope
for VLAN 10. Once I remove reservation for it receives the
other address.

Is this working as designed or is it not supposed to do this? All of
our other network subnets do not exist with this superscope and do not
have this issue.

Phillip Windell

Get rid of the Superscope,...that is not what they are for. My answer for
you is the same as the one for Tim Earnshaw,...look for that post,...the
subject was just "DHCP".

Phillip Windell [MCP, MVP, CCNA]
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