DHCP issue



We have a Windows2003 Server acting as a DHCP Server with the address to The same is also acting as a DNS Sever
for IPs to We were running out of IP for
DHCP. Hence we created another scope 192.168.2.x in DHCP.
When we connected another PC in the DHCP, it did not get 2.x address.
We added a superscope. Even then it did not work. We then added the
server as a router adding as an additional IP. We then
added to the PC. Now, it was communicating with 2.1 but
not with other IPs in the other subnets (viz 192.168.0.x and
At the server, it is not able to ping to which is an
additional IP of its interface.
Where are we going wrong ?




Adrian Grigorof

It is all a matter of routing... the 192.168.0.x hosts will contact their
default gateway to reach the 192.168.2.x subnet. Is your DNS/DHCP server the
default gateway as well? If it is, then your server is not acting as a
router. However, I believe that you are complicating things unnecessarily
(to put it mildly). Why not define a scope for a subnet like
with as subnet mask? This will give you over 1000 valid IPs,
from to


Adrian Grigorof
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