dhcp windows 2000 server, 2 nic's




We have an domain, and a workgroup.
The domain has 192.168.13.x as ip-range.
We have installed on a server (windows 2000) in the workgroup 2 nic's, one
in the 192.168.13.x range and one in the 192.168.15.x range.
We want to use the dhcp-server on this server to provide the 192.168.15.x
clients (this is only for imaging purpose).
When i start the the dhcp server i've got eventid 1052, that he found
another dhcp server on the 192.168.13.x domain and 1054 error and he shuts
down the services.
What can i do, so i can run the dhcp in the workgroup?



Phillip Windell

Use the DHCP Server that is already in use.

Don't create network segments if you don't have a LAN Router to run between

Don't run two nics in a server

Add a Scope to the existing DHCP Server for the additional segment (No

Configure the LAN Router between the segments to forward DHCP Queries to the
DHCP Server.

Phillip Windell

The views expressed, are my own and not those of my employer, or Microsoft,
or anyone else associated with me, including my cats.

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