dhcp scope for different subnets



Hi there,
Can I create on a W2K3 DHCP server backup DHCP scopes for different
subnets? Like server is already a dhcp server for subnet A but want to
make it a DHCP backup server for subnets B, C and D.
Thank you, T

Phillip Windell

You don't create "backup" DHCP Servers.

You create Redundant DHCP Servers with all of them running and functioning
at the same time.

Configure identical Scopes on each DHCP Server. (No Superscopes!)

Use Exclusions in the Scopes to have each DHCP Server givout only a portion
of the possible addresses.

Configure the LAN Router to forward DHCP Queries to the DHCP Servers. It
must pass the queries to all the DHCP Servers equally.

Phillip Windell

The views expressed, are my own and not those of my employer, or Microsoft,
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