DHCP: 2 subnets - 1 DHCP server - 1 router interface


Mr. X

Currently I am using one subnet off of one router interface. I have
nearly run out of addresses for DHCP to lease. I have obtained another
subnet and would like to add this to DHCP too. Both subnets have been
added to the same router interface (primary & secondary). So both
subnets will be used on the same LAN.

How do I implement this? What else needs to be done other than adding
another DHCP scope?

I see some potential issues:

Need for multiple NIC's on the DHCP server?

Will there be issues with the switches if they only use IP's from the
original subnet?

Anything else?

Mr. X

Thanks for the tip. I will look into that. The help file that comes
with the DHCP console has some info on that as well.

I was talking to a guy at work and he said I just need to add another
scope for the subnet and then add a helper statement to the router. It
appears a superscope may be needed to tie the 2 subnets together in

Mr. X

Update: I have done the necessary steps. Now I need to find a method
to test.

Right now it seems to still be pulling IP's from the original scope.
Is there a method to force DHCP to renew from a certain subnet or is
it a matter of waiting?

Mr. X

The setup has been running a couple of days and is not pulling from
the new scope under the superscope. Any ideas as to why it continues
to only lease addresses from the old scope?

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