DFS in windows 2000 and 2003



We are using windows 2000 native domain. We have a mixture of windows 2000
and 2003 domain controllers.
We have setup dfs on our windows 2000 domain. We have setup a new root and
links and root targets. The root targets are setup on windows 2000 and 2003
domain controllers
We are know looking to upgrade to a windows 2003 native domain where we will
remove all our windows 2000 domain controllers and only have windows 2003
domain controllers. I have already adprep our schema.

The question I have is when we remove our 2000 domain controllers and
upgrade domain to windows 2003 native, will this affect our DFS setup.

Also in windows 2003 dfs , there is an improvement as they use namespaces
and replication. Will our current dfs be upgraded to namespaces or will
they remain as roots and links and root targets.

If we want to use namespaces in windows 2003 do we have to setup our dfs
from scratch, or can we upgrade our current dfs setup.


Replication and namespaces are part of the DFS features in its Windows
Server 2000 implementation (although replication requires that you are using
domain-based namespaces). As far as Windows Server 2003 DFS improvements are
concerned, they come into play if you are planning on deploying Windows
Server 2003 R2 (which, incidentally, also involves a separate schema
upgrade). And no - you will not have to set up your DFS environment from
scratch - you simply will have extra functionality available to you...


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