Upgrading to Windows 2008



I have question on upgrading to windows 2008. We are currently running full
windows 2003 native domain, and want to upgrade to windows 2008. In our
current environment we use many group policies.

To upgrade to windows 2008, we are first going to adprep and then add a one
windows 2008 domain controller. My questions are:

Once we add the windows 2008 domain controller will this affect our current
group policies already set.

Also with windows 2008 you have new group policy settings. Can they be
applied to our existing windows XP clients or are they only for windows

Meinolf Weber [MVP-DS]

Hello guv,

Now negativ effect for the running domain or GPOs. The GPOs will work as
before. With 2008 you have additional options, none will be removed.

Depending on the new GPOs, some of them can apply to earlier OS versions.
Youhave to check the individually on the setting. The minimum required OS
is listed.

For XP/VISTA/2003 you should also install Client side extensions to take
the advantage of Group policy preferences.

For managing from Vista/2008 GPOs and GPP download and install RSAT on Vista/2008:

RSAT 32bit:

RSAT 64bit:

Then open Control Panel, Programs and features, Turn windows features on
or off, check the tools you like under "Remote Server Administration Tools"

CSE XP 32bit:

CSE XP 64bit:

CSE 2003 32 bit:

CSE 2003 64bit:

CSE Vista 32bit:

CSE Vista 64bit:

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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