DFS design ?s in a single forest multiple domain environment



I have been reading a lot of Microsoft documentation but still can't
get a real good idea of how to properly design DFS in a multiple domain

I have a parent domain (Company name) and three child domains that
represent America, Asia, and Europe. I will eventually have ten or
more dedicated DFS servers worldwide with a DC in each site as well.
Many will be namespace servers to allow for local site namespace
resolution rather than having to resolve back to the primary namespace
server. The primary use for the DFS will be to house application and
image files for site desktop builds / loads. I want to create my DFS
root in a manner that will allow for replication to all DFS servers in
all three child domains from a single master source. I also want to
take advantage of the fault tolerance capability of DFS in case a local
server is down it will utilize the least cost routing via the active

Would it be best to create the the DFS root in the parent domain or can
it be created in one of the three child domains and still replicated
properly as well as provide client access accross domains?




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