Desktop icons



I have Vista Home Premium. When I create a shortcut to the desktop, 2
identical icons appear instead of one (they both have the shortcut arrow on
them). Only recycle bin, control panel, network, computer, and filefolder
remain single icons.

Ronnie Vernon MVP

How are you creating these shortcuts and what is the target for the


Sorrry it took so long to get back...I've been right-clicking...send
to...desktop (create shortcut). I get the message that "Windows could not
create the shortcut. Check to see if disc is full."

I just tried to drag and drop icons from the task bar to the now-near-empty
desktop. The first 3 icons dropped on no problem...when I droped the 4th,
it, and the 3 I had just sucessfully dropped...doubled. There are now 2
icons on the desktop for each application (except the computer icon, recycle
bin, folders and network icons).

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