Deploying WMP 9 msi using Group policies & AD



I have used Enterprise Deployment Pack[EDP] and customized the media player
as per our requirements.

We use AD and Group policies to deploy the software [in msi package format]
in our office. We use RIS to build our user machines.
Once the user machine is built, we assign the package to the machine and
during the next reboot the msi package gets installed.

We are seeing one weird problem with WMP 9 msi package when installed using
Group policies.
Following two test cases gives the details.

Test 1 : While building the machine using RIS, assign the WMP 9 msi package
Result : WMP 9 msi package gets installed along with the build and non-admin
domain users can use WMP without any problems.

Test 2 : Build the machine and later assign the package
Result : WMP 9 installation takes nearly 90 minutes to install and asks the
users to choose various options[first use dialogue boxes]

Obviously Test 2 is our requirement as now we cannnot rebuilt all the
existing user machines for WMP.
Ihave checked the c:\winnt\temp for the msi installation log and the setup
hangs for long time at the following--
Action 22:40:32: RegisterProduct. Registering product
RegisterProduct: {D91EEFEB-965F-4975-9094-14808CC0D651}
Action 22:40:36: PublishFeatures. Publishing Product Features
PublishFeatures: Feature: WMPlayer
Action 22:40:36: PublishProduct. Publishing product information
Action 22:40:36: CA_EDP.

What is causing this problem ?




Carolyn Napier [MSFT]

Given the logfile snippet that you provided, it would appear that a custom
action in the WMP 9 msi file is taking a long time. Specifically, the custom
action called CA_EDP.

This looks like a custom action specific to deployment of WMP9 through the
Enterprise Deployment Pack. Perhaps the WMP folks could provide more
information on what that custom action is supposed to do (and why it might take
a while). The WMP community links can be found at < >.

Hope this helps,
- Carolyn Napier
Microsoft Windows Installer Team

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