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As a work around to an acknowledge issue with Outlook 2002 running on
Windows XP pro SP1, where standard users are unable to install outlook
plugins (COMM Add-Ins), the following solution has been attempted to deploy
a simple registry upate for all non privileged users on a Windows 2000
Domain via Group Policy / Active Directory:

First we created an MSI package containing ONLY the registry change required
to "enable" the Outlook Plug-in, this was tested manually with msiexec /i
nameofpackage.msi /q from the command line of a test Workstation. This
successfully applied the registry change intended and enable the required
Outlook Plugin.
The MSI package was then assigned to "Users" to Group Policy.
The update was successfully deployed to target machines.

Problem: If the package is subsequently uninstalled by a privileged user via
add remove programs in control panel, the application does not correctly
re-assert, or re-install the required registry entry. The package does
re-appear under add remove programs but does not include relevant
information nor the ability to select repair, modify or remove options.

It is as if the package is not actually installing but IS registering itself
with the machine.

I do not understand why the package only installs correctly via AD / Group
Policy on the first instance.

Just a note: If I manually re-run the install, the registry change is
applied correctly and the package is CORRECTLY registered on the

Some insight would be greatly appreciated..

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with this !



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