Deploying sw via group policy issue!! PLEASE HELP!!



I seem to be unable to deploy applications via group policy.

I have created an OU called "software deployment" in which i have placed a
couple of PC's. I have then right clicked the OU > Group policy tab and
created a new policy called "GPO"

I have opened up the group policy MMC for this "GPO" policy. Under computer
configuration > Software settings > software installation > I selected the
required msi file.

Is this all I have to do??? Am i missing any other settings? as when i
reboot the PC, I do not see the application deployed. PLEASE PLEASE HELP..
Thank you

- we are looking to deploys applications to PC's rather than to domain users.




Also i have ran gpresult from the command line which shows that the GPO was
applied.. but when i reboot the PC, i notice it states installing xyz (before
i reach the log in screen) However once i log in the s/w is not installed. I
checked control panel and start > programs but the s/w is not there. PLEASE
HELP!!! Am i doing something wrong?
CN=VIJAYPC,OU=Software deployment,DC=Fpictet,DC=com
Last time Group Policy was applied: 30/11/2005 at 11:05:51
Group Policy was applied from:
Group Policy slow link threshold: 500 kbps

Applied Group Policy Objects

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