GPO & Software Deployment Trouble


Johnny Wright

I am trying to deploy Office 2003 using Group Policies. I thought this
would be easy but I can't seem to get it to work. Here are the steps I have
1. Created a new OU called Deployment
2. Created a new global group called Office Deployment in the Deployment OU
3. Made 3 users members of the Office Deployment global group
3. Right clicked on the Office Deployment OU - Selected Properties -
Selected Group Polices
4. Created new GP called Office 2003
5. Right clicked on the new GP and selected properties
6. Selected security - added Office Deployment global group with Read &
Apply Group Policy
7. Closed window - highlighted GP and clicked Edit
8. Right clicked on User Configuration - Software Settings - Software
Installation - Selected New Package
9. Selected UNC path to Pro11.msi
9. Under the "deployment" tab I have tried both Publish and Assign
10. Clicked Modification and selected my MST file

The only time that I have been successful deploying this package was when I
moved a user directly into the Deployment OU. I doubt that I would need to
move all my users into this folder just to deploy the software as I am
thinking that as long at the user is in the Office Deployment global group
then they should get the software installed.

I would really appreciated if someone could advise where I am going wrong
with my deploy.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Cary Shultz [A.D. MVP]


Step 3 is where you went wrong. Take a spin around this newsgroup and you
will see time and time again that 'the user account object or the computer
account object - whatever might be the case - needs to directly reside in
the OU to which the GPO is linked'.



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