Application deployment via GPO to users


Tony Purewall


I have a question regarding software application deployment via GPO. I
need to know if the domain users need access to the local SAM of the
workstation to have applications deployed via GPO.

Do they need to be in the local Power users group or any other groups


1) Assigned applications

2) Published applications

Does the users domain accounts need any specific rights to the local
machine? To assign msi files via GPO to users for the two types of
methods mentioned above (not workstation assigned software deployment)

Steven L Umbach

Software packages that use Windows Installer -- .msi will install with
elevated system privileges when published or assigned to a user which means
the user needs no special access on their local computer. The link below may
help and see the part I pasted about publishing .zap files that may need
local administrator powers if that would be a concern. --- Steve

Because these applications do not use Windows Installer setup programs, they
do not do the following:

. Use elevated permissions for installation. While applications that
are installed by using .zap files run their original setup programs, they do
not run with the elevated permissions that Windows Installer packages have.
If installing the application requires administrative permissions, only
users who have those permissions can install it.

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