Define / Configure a Dummy Printer



How can I define a network printer on the printer server as a "dummy" printer
without physical printer attached.
The queue should never print – all files sent to the queue need to be
removed and not printed.
The erasing of the queue must be automatically without harming the other
real printers, in the "Spool" folder.

Glenn L

Is this for troubleshooting purposes?
You will need to create a "Print to File" port for the print que.
Of course, the print files will accumulate. You will need to periodically
remove them


In W2K and XP, create a new Local Port, named NUL:

Attach the printer to that port.

Using the Printer Properties, select Ports, and select the NUL: port.
All printing will be given to the null-device.

Printing to a file requires answering a prompt. Using the null-device
throws away all printed data.

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