Defender will not update and has affected Microsoft Update



I installed Windows Defender on my computer on 21 Feb, but I have had several
issues since then, the first being that WD has been unable to update. I get
the error:

"Windows Defender was unable to complete the update:

I read through the various posts, and tried uninstalling and reinstalling WD
following the recommended steps, but all to no avail.

The bigger problem is that apparently Microsoft Update no longer works.
When I tried going to the MS Update website, I get the following error:

"Files required to use Microsoft Update are no longer registered or
installed on your computer."

I followed the recommended steps, but still nothing. I should mention I am
running XP with SP2.

Is this issue related to Windows Defender, or is it purely an update issue?

I would appreciate any assistance on the subject.





Bill Sanderson

The same mechanisms that underly Microsoft or WindowsUpdate underly Windows
Defenders update mechanism--So you need to get the WU issues fixed--and that
will fix Windows Defender.

as a shot in the dark, a SUNY university help desk posting recommends
installing the Microsoft XML parser: Here's a Microsoft link for the latest
version of that:

as a fix for that specific error message. May be worth trying.

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