defender and defrag auto schedules question

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Leonard F Kiesling

using new dell e521 desktop vista home premium.

as i'm setting up & familiarizing with system, i see that defrag is auto
scheduled to run at 1am on wednesdays.
i see that windows defender is auto scheduled to run daily at 2am. is there
any conflict here? defrag usually takes a long time, so my thoughts are to
schedule their run times farther apart.

any ideas or input greatly appreciated!

thank you! len kiesling

Victoria House [MSFT]

Defrag will take less time after the first couple of times it has run.
There should be no problem with Defender.

If your preference is to separate them, then by all means...

Leonard F Kiesling

thank you for reply!
forgot some spec's: 250 gig hard drive!
as always! greatly appreciate your help!
len kiesling

Victoria House [MSFT]

Volume size shouldn't matter tooo much. But defrag will take a bit longer
on a volume that big.

Number of files + number of fragments is the best indicator of defrag time

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