Default printer settings



I have win2k3 server and all XP clients. I have installed a laserjet 2200
printer that has 2 paper trays and the manual feed tray for a total of 3
trays. By defualt the printer driver is set to Auto select the tray to pull
the paper out of. On the server, in Printing Preferences for this printer I
want to change the " Default Print Settings" to use Tray 3 for the paper
source. So that when I connect to the server from any client, the printer
will always print from Tray 3 unless the user chooses another tray. (I want
to use Tray 2 for Labels). The system won't let me change the " Default
Print Settings" or delete it to create a new one. I can, however, create a
new template, but, I would have to go to each client to point to the new
template and have to remember to set that each time I install a new client.

Anyway, my question is: Does anyone know how to either change the default
template or force another template to the clients?


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