Dazzle DVC 100


Guy Cox

I was using a version of Movie maker that came with my
windows XP. I was using a azzle DVC 100 capture device to
convert my analog home tapes to a digital format.

The first version of WMM waorked fine and capture the
video and everthing was working so so. The WMM was
unstable. I was able to capture and save, then when I went
to edit the video, the WMM would crash.

I reloaded WMM from the microsoft site and now the new
versionof WMM does not recognize my capture device.

The Dazzle unit connects to the computer via a USB port.

I have reloaded WMM and I get the same results.

Can some one point out what I may be doing wrong.



Chris Lang

You probably need to remove the Dazzle software (the capture driver) then
re-install it. Also, check in Device Manager and delete anything else listed
under capture devices.
Dazzle hardware and software, in general, is very touchy. Consider using the
Dazzle software to capture your material and encode it to MPEG (or AVI if
you perfer) then load these into Movie Maker. I've never gotten acceptable
captures with the lower-end Dazzle hardware and WMM.


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