Data is invalid when importing an XP Custom install image in WDS




I am trying to captured an XP SP2 UIS installation using the capture feature
of WDS servicee on W2K8 Std. native mode without success.

I have install XP SP2 from the original CD-rom on a new PC and ran the
sysprep o nit with the reseal and plug and play detection enable. Then I
turned off the PC and boot it from PXE to the Capture image created from the
W2K8 CD-Rom in WDS.

The capture goes well, but at the transfer step to the WDS, it stops and
gives an error "The data is invalid".

If I reboot the computer, I can get the WIM file saved locally and apply it
manually with IMAGEX to any other pc without any problems.

But if I try to import to WDS, manually or throught the Capture boot image
it gives "The data file is invalid"

Any idea?

We want to get rid of Ghost, but that stops us to do so.

Many thanks!


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