Windows Deployment Services Capture Wizard, Image capture in WDS



I have added a Vista Image from the WDS into the BDD 2007.
I have created a PE capture which runs OK from WDS.
I have created an XP system under Virtual PC 2007 and Sysprep'ed and boot
from the PE Capture image by using Lite Touch (I pressed f12) and I processes
to the point where it ask where to store the Image.

But I cannot send it anywhere at the "Image Capture Destination" screen
within the "Windows Deployment Services Capture Wizard"
1/ If I select "Name and Location" and browse I cannot find a drive to send
it to or map adrive from the WDS server.
2/ If I select "Upload Image to the WDS Server" it connects and displays the
Group Name" but never gives me the option to Click "Finish" and therefore
create the Image.

How do send a Captured XP Image to a WDS server??




You need network support, so:

1: you may need to inject drivers into the WinPE.wim that you based the
capture image on
2: The network wont load on your VPC unless it has 512 Mb of RAM or more.

Refer to the WinPE users guide that comes with the Windows AIK for
instructions on how to do this.


PS if you press Shift-F10 in the image capture process you'll get a command
prompt which will allow you to load drivers online and run ipconfig for

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