WDS Imaging very slow



I am having trouble getting WDS to work. Here is what I have done so far.

Installed WDS on a Windows 2003 SP2 R2 server.
Configured the WDS/server per the posts I had found (In Native mode as I was
installing clean without RIS).
Located a copy of the boot.wim from a Vista CD.
Right clicked on the boot images folder in WDS and selected to create a
boot image file using the Vista "boot.wim" file (I named it Install.wim).
I then right clicked on the newly created "Install.wim" file and selected to
create a capture boot image. (I named it capture.wim). Instead of picking
the boot.wim file that I had used in the previous install boot image file
creation I gave it a location of C:\software\working\boot.wim. This created
a boot.wim file in the C:\software\working folder that I created.
I now had an "Install.wim" image file and a "Capture.wim" image file under
the boot images folder on the WDS.
Built a WinXP SP2 machine from scratch, and placed all software and patches
on it. It then was ready to be syspreped. I used the same WINXP CD that I
had used to create the machine with for the sysprep files.
Once syspreped and resealed
I had a machine ready to capture I PXE booted (F-12, got an IP, F-12 again
to get to the boot menu, and was able to see the two boot files I had
created, Install and capture.wim).
I chose the "Capture.wim" boot image and it took me through capturing the
image. I also had the image copied up to the WDS server afterwards
automatically. All went well, and I can see my new WINXP image on the WDS
server. It's almost 8 gigs so I think I have successfully got an image of
WIN XP SP2 on the WDS now.
Here is where I have run into problems... I have a "Install.wim" file, a
"Capture.wim" file and a WINXP.wim image file on the WDS.
I boot a fresh bare bones system with nothing on it doing the PXE F-12
shuffle, and get to the boot menu, where I am presented with the two boot
file images that I created, "Install, and Capture".
I chose to run the install as in my mind I'm thinking this will allow me to
install the newly created image back to the new machine. However all I get
is a capture screen. Allowing me to yet again capture an image to the WDS
server, which is not what I want to do. I already have an image to deploy.

*Curently all I have is the "boot.wim" file from a Vista CD. I have the
entire CD coming here today in full. So my questions are...

Do I need to use anything else from that CD to create a file that I can use
to get PXE to see my newly created image, so I can install it on a fresh

and, currently I have only created and captured one image, a WINXP XP2

Is there something I'm missing?

and, why is my "install.wim" boot image acting as if it was a capture image?
How do I get a valid "boot" image file so I can install the created image?

Any assistance anyone can offer would be much appreciated.

Everything seems to be working fine other than me not getting to a point
where I can see the newly created WINXP image file to drop it on a fresh

fast forward... I have created another boot image file using the boot.wim
directly from the Vista DVD and let it take the defaults (name wise and all),
and booted up through PXE on a fresh machine and got to the menu and could
see and start loading my WIN XP SP2 image, but it gets stuck at 1% on the
extracting files. It eventually moves forward, but it is very slow. Any


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