Trouble Deploying Win XP 64bit via WDS




I've been deploying Windows XP/2000 installs using RIS since it was first
released. Recently we upgraded from Windows 2003 to 2003 R2, which installed
WDS. For a while I continued to use the legacy images via RIS for
deployment. However, now I have a bit of free time, and a new 64 bit laptop,
I've started looking into using WDS.

I've built a base install, with Win XP SP2 64 bit, added all the required
drivers, then run sysprep, and rebooted. First thing I noticed, after
pressing F12 to boot WDS/RIS, was that I was not given the option of booting
ANY of the x64 images (Windows Vista PE (x64), or Windows Vista Boot Image
(x64)), only the x86 versions. I continued anyway, and ran WDSCapture after
Win PE (x86) finished booting. I took the image, and uploaded it to the WDS
server. I can now see the image (Win XP SP2 x64.wim) in the Install Images
group, in the WDS mmc, alongside Vista Ultimate (both x86 & x64), and
Business (both x86 & x64).

I rebooted the laptop, and entered the WDS/RIS screen, again, the only
options shown were the x86 images (and legacy RIS). None of the x64 options.
When I boot into the Vista Setup/Boot image, I'm only offered the x86
versions of Vista Business & Ultimate, not the x64 versions, or my XP image.

I've added the path to Boot\x64\images\boot.wim in the WDS Properties Boot
tab, and the laptop is a new Dell D630, with 2.2Ghz EM64T Intel Duo
Centrino. If I boot into RIS, I'm given the option of selecting Windows 32
bit, or Windows 64 bit, so RIS recognises the laptop as having x64
architecture. Am I missing something?

Any help much appreciated!

Many thanks



Oct 25, 2007
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This might be a long shot but have you enabled EM64T emulation in your laptops BIOS?

Also go into properties of your RIS server within Active Directory and check to see if your 64bit images are showing?

Also if you are using custom make sure the relevant options are ticked under user configuration->windows settings->Remoteinstalltionservices->choice options within the appropriate group policy for RIS

Also each risprep image requires and appropriate risetup image (32bit or 64bit etc). Do you have a suitable 64bit rissetup disk image within your RIS images on your server?

This will create a new x8664.osc setup screen.
Have you rispreped the images with the 64bit version of Risprep tool?
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