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Alexander V. Alexeev


Can anyone enlighten me on the issue of customized view of public folders
(where I pick custom fields to be displayed, etc). I noticed that Views tend
to be local. I have amended view on my PC, added fields and when I open the
folder from another PC, the default view is displayed. Ok, I understand this
behaviour is quite appopriately by design. But is it possible to pre-define
views for all users? Otherwise setting proper view for solutions based on
custom forms are to involve touring around huge offices, in every workdesk,
configuring Outlook... Any ways to implement the same custom views across
entire organisation?

Alex A

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

To force users to see a custom view when they open a public folder:

-- Create the custom view, choosing the "On this folder, visible to everyone" option

-- On the Properties dialog for the folder, on the Administration tab, select your view as the initial view on the folder.

-- Choose View | Current View | Define Views, and at the bottom of that dialog, check the box for "Only show views created for this folder."

You probably will also want to programmatically set the LockUserChanges proeprty of the view. There is no UI for this.

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