Corrupted Custom Views in Public Folder



Could someone, please, shed light on the following issue?

Environment: W2k Professional, Exchange 2000, Outlook 2000

Problem: When switching to a public folder (only this particular public
folder - other public folders are fine) I get the error message: "Unable to
display the folder." and am unable to see any items in this folder.

Findings: I believe the hidden item(s) that define custom views in the
folder became corrupted. I can open "View / Current View / Define Views.",
as another user, and review settings of all custom views but three of them.
Selecting (in View / Current View / Define Views.) one of these three
corrupt views terminates Outlook. Selecting means simply changing the focus
to these views without even trying to view their settings.


1) Is it possible to programmatically (or by others means) delete
certain views from a public folder? Can I delete just these three "bad"
views? Please remember that I cannot delete them using GUI since selecting
them immediately terminates Outlook.

2) Is it possible to programmatically (or by others means) delete all
views in just one public folder? Could I then recreate custom views in this

Thank you for your help,



Replying to myself...

Outlook has a Command-Line Switch that allows for restoration of default
views. Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 197180 - defines it as:

/CleanViews Restores default views.

The follow up question is:

Will this command-line switch restore default views just in my mailbox
folders or attempt to restore default views in public folders as well? What
about public folders that I do not have access rights to?

Could anyone help?



Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

Very interesting question! I ran a test and, yes, /cleanviews removed a
custom view that I had created on a public folder "on this folder visible to
everyone." It did not remove custom views on folders where I was not the



Thank you very much for running the test. I do not have a test environment
and was afraid to try it out due to a large number of public folders and
views defined in them.

I will set up a new Windows 2000 user, create a new mailbox, restrict user's
access to the "corrupt" public folder, give the user ownership of this
folder, and let the /CleanViews option remove the corrupt views. I should
then be able to recreate custom views just in this folder.

This should take care of my issue. I was hoping for Microsoft Outlook
developers watching this group to confirm the approach.

Thank you again for your time!


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