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I have two computers running Office Pro 2007. This is not Exchange and
we do not use public folders. I want to be able to create custom forms
for Tasks and send them to the other computer user. When I create a
custom form modeled after a task and add a second page, the other user
does not see the new page when I send the task to them. When I'm in
design view, I see tabs going accross the top like p.2 and p.3. I make
p.2 visible and create some user defined fields for it. I then save the
form in either a new folder that uses task items or my existing task
folder. I create the task and send it to the other computer. The other
user does not see my custom form in the "Show" section of my task that
has the user defined fields. I have also tried creating the same form
and user defined fields on the other computer and I still don't see the
custom form when I receive the task on that computer. Help appreciated.



Sue Mosher [MVP]

It *might* work if both users publish the form to their Personal Forms
library with the same message class and the "send form definition with item"
box unchecked, but it's also quite possible that it won't work. I've always
tried to steer clear of custom task requests.

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