Customize CIW screens for RIS


Adam Hutcheson

I am trying to customize the CIW screens in RIS. One
goal is to gather information, to limit the number
of "images" that appear for the operator to select.

I was attempting to modify the OSCHOICE screen to only
display images for a certain Hardware type, I.E. an IBM
300GL/PL. I have created a chain of OSC files, where the
user picks that model from the list, gets sent onto the
next OSC screen etc. When I finally get to the OS choice
thought, I still see all the available sif files.

I thought the command <SELECT NAME = "SIF" was all I had
to change. I created some SIF files, and changed the
extension to IBM...then modifed the above, but this
didn't work (much too simple I guess).

It must have something to do with <META SERVER ACTION =
ENUM IMAGES">. Are there any changes I can make, so the
sif's I don't want, are filtered out?


Yes, I was aware of that issue. My issue however has
nothing to do with HAL layers.

When the user gets to the select of the OS, I would like
them to have input information in the CIW screens, that
limits their Image choices. For instance, the image I
created on a COMPAQ Deskpro, runs fine on IBM 300 GL/PL.
So, I had hoped to put a list of common hardware, they
select it..then see an image that works for them.

My basic setup is there is only one RIPREP image...with
multiple SIF files, depending on what needs to be done.
For instance, for the older machines, no OEM drivers need
to be installed, so I wouldn't need the SIF variables for
OEM to be applied.

I know however, that having multiple SIF files, will get
clunky really fast, so I wanted to organize them a bit.

My basic CIW Format goes like this:
1)They see the welecome to RIS screen as normal.
2)They enter a valid username and password to sign in.
3)Where they would see select Automatic Setup, Custom,
etc., I have modified this to display - Compaq Deskpro &
IBM 300 GL/PL. If that is their model, they select.
4)This screen points to an OSCHOICE screen that I have
modified. But here is where it breaks down, as it
displayes all the SIF files that are available....which I
don't want it to do.


NIC Student

Well, you guessed my first thought - multiple sifs. Maybe someone else will
have a another idea for you.

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