RIS Deployment with Broadcom Nextreme card


Jeff Martin

HELP!!!! Can not find ANY articles on this - trying to RIS
out an IBM 2389 laptop with a Broadcom Nextreme on-board
LAN. Image is WinXP SP1 and deplying from Win2K server
SP3 - have NO trouble deploying Toshiba laptops with XPSP1
(or any of my other 8 images)?? Added 3rd party drivers to
image and edited .sif file - started and stopped "binlsvc"
and I see the .pnf file - however, I ALWAYS receive same
message "image does not contain necessary drivers...". I
am VERY familiar with RIS and this is the 1st time I am
ready to pull out my hair!! Does ANYONE know if you can
even use Broadcom with RIS?? I have 20 of these and am
hoping not to have to build these 1 at a time!!

Jeremy Church

This article is for Intel network cards, but it may apply to the Broadcom
cards also.
Read the section that says For XP* and Windows Server 2003 - e100b325.xxx
and e1000325.xxx

The issue may be with Windows XP and not your Network card. I don't know if
this would fix the issue, but it would be worth a shot. The issue that
arrises with the Intel cards is exactly the same and there is an event log
entry from the BINLSVC, ID 1101 and has "An error occurred during parsing of
an INF file in the given section" as the warning message. Does this appear
in your application event log on the server when you try to RIS a machine?

Hope this helps.


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