RIS - Customisation



Looking for the best approach to building different types of clients and
automatically creating the computer account in the associated OU (i.e.
different dependending on build - dept: laptop/desktop). Also looked at
customisation for the machine type (destop or laptop) so that it would
generate a computer name meaningful to both.

Have tried customising the OSC menu files so that it generated an
appropriate name depending on machine type and fed that variable into each
SIF. However although the code looked ok the machines experienced problems
creating the computer accounts, would fail every time.

I guess the other option would be to prestage the computer accounts but
would rather avoid the extra administration involved.

Is there any other way to achieve this? Or are there any sample OSCs which
provide this functionality? Can't seem to find any detailed documentation or
guide to editing these files. Tiny section in chunky RIS Admin guide but
that's it.



I did have one thought, using a Group Policy associated to a number of
different build accounts for department then desktop or laptop.
Seems a bit clumsy so assume there's a better approach.

Brendon Rogers

Would manually typing in the computer name during the RIS process be an
acceptable solution?


Automation is the key which is why I'm going to experiment once again with
Customising the OSC menu files so that it uses an option box for site and
machine type. Seems to be the most appropriate solution, hopefully this time
it will work.

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