Customize chapter number in captions without bullets



I have Word 2003 document with multiple chapters. Most chapters are small
enough to keep in one document. Some are too large for one document and I've
divided them into two documents. I have figures whose captions need to
include the chapter number. The document containing the second half of the
document, however, does not contain the Chapter style heading anywhere for
the caption to reference.
How do I customize the chapter number in the caption without the reference
to the chapter heading?

Daiya Mitchell

Option 1: Create a fake chapter heading in the second half file to get the
numbering sorted out, and delete it later. Or format the fake chapter
heading as Hidden Text. Alternatively, formatting an empty paragraph in that
style might fix the numbering without showing anything.

Option 2: Re-combine your half-chapter files. Word can handle up to 10,000
pages in a single file, given a powerful enough computer, and there are
several features to make it easy to navigate long files. There's not really
a need to split them.

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