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Using Word 2003 I've created some custom styles in the Normal template. When
I open Word my custom style are there. If I open an older document the old
styles are understandably there as they are document specific. However,
after opening and closing the older document, then creating a new blank
document that should be based on the Normal template it still has the old
styles and not the styles that I created.

Any thoughts on how to always have new documents based on the Normal
template to always have my custom styles?




Stefan Blom

You will have to explicitly delete the custom style from the template, and
from all existing documents based on that template, if you want to get rid
of it completely.

The corresponding rules apply when creating styles.

Note that if Word added or deleted styles automatically, it would be a
nightmare to manage documents.

For more on document/template relations, see and

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

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