Understanding Quick Style Gallery



Word 2007 SP1
XP Pro SP2

Problem: Understanding Quick Style Gallery

When you open a new blank document,
the Quick Style Gallery contains 15 styles.
Why were those 15 chosen when the "in current document"
shows only clear all, Heading 1, and Normal?

I am unclear what the following are really doing:
Reset to Quick Style from Template <--Which template? Normal.dotm?
Reset Document Quick Styles

Thanks in advance.



Stefan Blom

Note that style sets aren't stored inside a document; they are available to
all documents. That explains why you can't see them listed under "In current
document." However, the styles will be added to the document as soon as they
have been applied to text.

"Reset to Quick Styles from Template" refers to the attached template (as
shown in the Templates and Add-Ins dialog box).

For more on style sets, document defaults, and themes see

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